About Beth Underhill, Grit + Grace FitLife | Founder

As a proven entrepreneur and lifelong advocate for women’s fitness and empowerment, Beth has faithfully served her community through her women’s only group fitness facility, Bella Forza Fitness. Grit & Grace FitLife represents the next phase of Beth’s journey as a seasoned fitness mentor and champion for women. Her specialized program takes a holistic approach and emphasizes courage, resolve and strength of character. The path to Grace is often paved with Grit – and that is what Beth’s mentoring program is all about.  Read More


Sustainable Eating

GGFL helps women discover a personal, long-term sustainable nutrition plan. Create lasting behaviors that help you lose weight and maintain it. Learn More


Online Fitness Coaching



Trained in strength and conditioning coaching, physique building, nutrition and a variety of group fitness certifications, Beth enjoys offering clients an extraordinary experience with a variety of programming. Learn More


Lifestyle Mentor

I believe there are three aspects of a successful health and wellness journey - nutrition, fitness and YOU time. And when I refer to a "health and wellness journey" I mean feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally about yourself and not it just being about losing weight or increasing your volume or intensity with weights. Learn More